July 5, 2015: Three Blessings

Quick Update

Another school year has finished ‐ and we look forwards to the next year. I would like to share with your three ways in the last year I have felt God's care for our family. But first a quick update. My mother, due to a severe loss of short term memory is now living at St. Joseph's Villa in Dundas, Ontario. Aien (our eldest, now 16) moved back to Canada in last September and is living with John Livingstone's family so as to be able to spend part of 2 days each week with my mother. After a rough start (30% on assignments), God has blessed her in her studies ‐ her highlight was receiving a 100% in Grade 10 math! Johann is continuing in the music stream at school, Lien is in Grade 1 and Ruth is in Junior Kindergarden. I am very happy that Aien is back with us for a month in Taiwan. Teaching last term has done well ‐ it seems that students in the introductory Christianity course have been more hungry spiritually than in past years. 350 students (max: 100 students can enroll, usually have about 40 students apply) applied to take this course ‐ greatly exceeds previous year's interest in this course. But as we see God working, we also see Satan acting with greater violence both in the world and locally in Taiwan.

Three praise items.

Future and four prayer requests:

As a result of selling xiaotu.com, my email and website will change to whitejd@xiaotu.ca and www.xiaotu.ca May God bless and keep you.

PS: A final thought: Like is not Love. Like is self-centered. Love is other centered. ‐I like you‐ means you make me feel good. ‐Love‐ seeks the other's benefit. ‐God showed his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.‐